Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Things Kids Do

It's been quite the two days here in the Johnson household. Saturday morning started at 3:00 with Cash screaming. I went up there and picked him up and we laid in the twin bed for 30 minutes until I decided I was going to put him back in his bed. Then I did something I never thought I'd do in this life... caught hands full of vomit. My poor little boy had thrown up all over his crib and now all over himself and the spare bed as well. So, I cleaned him up, started a very large load of laundry and then took him into our bed to try to sleep (a first). Didn't really work out and at 5 Ryan took him out to sleep in the chair with him. All day he was walking around and would say "Button, ouch" (he knows his stomach as belly button) and point to his belly. Later that day after he wanted to finally eat -- he projectile puked again. Not fun. Good news is, he went to bed and was feeling better this morning. Bad news is Marley woke up at 4:30 and I had the same experience with her. I never thought so much liquid could come out of such a tiny body. So sad because she had no idea what was going on. All she's had today is Pedialyte and a tiny bit of milk which I think is upsetting her b/c she's crying right now and should be asleep. I just went to check -- She just wanted a little cuddle and to rid herself of some toxic fluids.

On a happier note, Cash really touched my heart tonight. We missed church, so we were watching some of the talks from Conference... Cash was playing by our front door, shoving stuff under the bench singing "Clean up" and then the Primary Choir started to sing. He immediately sat up, walked right over and sat right in front of the TV watching those kids sing. It made me cry. Children are so beautiful and honest and perfect. It was a wonderful moment. I really love those kids.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ryan's 30th birthday was on the 8th and he absolutely would not let me throw him any type of a celebration. So, we planned an escape to Tamarack for 4 days! We rented a nice 3 bedroom townhouse that had it's own hot tub, deck, grill, etc... the best part was, nobody was up there because they don't have snow yet! It was pet friendly too, so we even got to bring Max and Lincoln with us. The mountain air is so wonderful... we could have easily stayed up there a month. Sadly we only had 3 nights, but it was absolutely fabulous. Cash loved the hot tub, which he thought was a huge bath with bubbles, and loved helping Ryan start a fire every day. We got a gift from Ryan's employee, Ismael, and we now have 2 parakeets! Any name suggestions? One of them got out of the cage while we were at church today and was hiding on top of the cabinets above the fridge. Quite the adventure.

Because it was Ryan's birthday, I want to list a few things that I absolutely love about him...
1- He is a wonderful father and loves his kids SO much.
2- He treats me like a queen.
3- He makes me laugh at least five times a day.
4- He lets me eat next to him even though it's his biggest pet peeve to hear people chewing. :)
5- He loves dogs as much as I do -- absolutely a miracle.
6- He's honest and will always tell you the truth when you ask him something.
7- He's extremely loyal to those he trusts.
8- He's proud of his testimony.
9- He's very talented -- especially at his profession.
10- I can always talk to him about anything and not have to worry about judgment or criticism... sometimes all he does is hold me and hug and let me know it will all be okay.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

She loves her daddy.

Last minute dinner in WinCo parking lot. Cash bit every piece.

We saw our state bird!! So pretty. Cash spotted it.

Speaking of birds... Our newest addition.

Look how old he looks!!

Oops! Calvin is running away now.

Marley loved her first Moto ride.

"Moto" ride for Dad... I mean Cash.

Ryan couldn't have received a better gift. This is a first!
Marley loves Cash -- Cash loves Marley!

The dogs loved bird watching

Handy Manny on Dad's phone?! NO WAY!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Treats

Halloween was great! I absolutely love dressing up my children... I have issues. Cash HATED his costume until he saw his cousin, Hadley, all dressed up and we bribed him with a sucker. Rebecca, Ezra, Heather and Hadley all came to trick or treat with us. It was fabulous! My sister, Adria, and her husband David put on a spook alley at their house and we went to see what it was like. I loved it! They did such a good job and it really was scary! When we were over there we went down the street and got homemade good. Cash of course loved the free candy and couldn't believe that people were just handing it to him! I love holidays! I didn't dress Marley up because I knew I'd just be holding her anyway... but I dressed up! And of course Max and Lincoln wore their superhero costumes all day. It really does turn Max into a super-dog and Lincoln absolutely gets depressed. He must know that he looks ridiculous. :) There's a few other random pictures I threw in there... like a picture of our beautiful trees out front. Oh, Marley broke her two bottom teeth! I'm in shock -- she's just so little. But I'm glad they're through!

I LOVE my front yard in the fall.

Seriously, they warm my heart.

Doesn't she look cute in a beanie? Minus the bug eyes. :)

My wonderful husband with Emma and the dogs.

I swear -- the flash kills her!

Show me your teeth!

The Halloween crew

Look at those big eyes. Hilarious!

I just don't know what to say to that.