Thursday, June 3, 2010

San Diego

We just took a family trip to San Diego for 10 days and 11 nights. Might I say, IT WAS BLISS! We got to see some of my best college friends, go to Brooke and Luke's wedding (the actual excuse/reason for the trip), visit Laguna Beach again, go to Legoland and Disneyland, play tennis, meet Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy, and enjoy our beautiful resort! It was a near perfect vacation. It was only sunny for 2 days, but other than that, perfect. I wish we could make more trips like that happen. :)

The wedding was awesome, and seeing all my friends was fabulous. Once again proving we should live near each other.

Cash and Marley absolutely LOVED Legoland and Disneyland. Cash is an adrenaline junkie like his mommy. Roller coasters that flung him around were his favorite, while the slow, "show" rides were just ok for him. Marley really didn't get to ride very much, but she was a trooper, missing her nap for the first time, and not being totally insane for us! When I took MJ to meet Mickey, she pretty much freaked out. I told her to say "Hi" and she said "No! Bye-bye!" It was hilarious. Cash loved checking out the map and looking at the rides that he had gone on, and rides he wanted to go on. It was great.

Ryan didn't tell me where we were staying, he set it all up b/c it was our 6th Anniversary while we were down there as well. Crazy how time flies! We stayed at the Four Season in Carlsbad, and it was fabulous! When we arrived, they had a full crib set up for Marley with Pooh Bear bedding, little stuffed frogs for Cash and Marley, their names spelled out in little bath sponges sitting on the bath, and two plated of brownies (decadent) with their names written in chocolate on the plates. They even brought us a fan! :) It was perfect. I could have slept in that cave and in that blissful bed for days straight! Gorgeous pools, fabulous food, great service... wow. Ryan surprised me with a huge breakfast for our anniversary... he's pretty awesome.

We met Phil Mickelson at Rudy's Taco Shop in Carlsbad after the wedding when we were starving and searching for food. It was a small place(about 5 or 6 tables inside and only 2 outside), and we went in and ordered and decided to sit outside on a little bistro table. It was pushed up right next to the glass and as we're sitting down Ryan notices that the man and woman sitting directly INSIDE against the glass is Lefty and his wife. Pretty stinkin' cool. So, we decide to move our table into the sun and give them a little space. As we get settled, Cash starts to look around and points and says, "DAD! That's Phil Mickelson!" Seriously, Cash recognized him, even with his hat and sunglasses... So Ryan heads in to get our food and Phil is headed out throwing away his... Ryan says "Hi, sorry my son was pointing, but he recognized you from watching the Masters with me." Phil says, "THAT little boy?! Seriously?" So, as they open the door and head outside and immediately start talking to Cash! Cash got SO shy, and hid his head, and Marley did her trademark stare... they talked to us for a couple minutes, shook our hands, rubbed Cash and MJ's back, and headed out with Marley saying, "Bye, see ya!" It was pretty awesome.

We spent a whole day at Laguna beach with the Facers. That beach is beautiful. The waves were GIANT though! Ryan got to fly his kite from the kite festival, Cash got wiped out by a wave, we played football and Frisbee, MJ attached to a random 9 year old girl for 4 hours... it was wonderful.

It was sad to leave southern CA, but we'll be back again soon, I'm sure. Well, maybe soon. When we got back, we did an ultrasound and found out that we're having another.... GIRL! We're excited, and very curious as to how it's going to go over with our little princess. Cash is just plain excited. I love how he talked to my belly and tells me the baby is going to sleep now. :)