Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's still February, so I can still keep my resolution! :) In the past month, Ryan and I went on a cruise to Mexico, AMAZING!! We had fabulous ship mates (Ryan and Becky Facer, and Shawn and Kara Overall), and I actually could have spent a few more days in the ports with the beaches. Cabo was pretty outside the city, but we loved Puerto Vallarta. Can't wait to go back there. We did miss our little rugrats though. A lot. Luckily we had some videos and pictures we could look at. :)

Besides that... Cash got accepted into a nearby charter school that he is all too excited to go to, Marley got her first real haircut, and Halle is seriously OUT OF CONTROL. She rules the house. Cash turn 5 tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll have pictures to post then. Here are some pictures!

Ryan and Becky -- last dinner on the ship!

Shawn and Kara -- Always tried the "Didja" dish.

Last night. I loved being served food every day... Seriously I could get used to that. :)

Tacos Al Pastor. I've been wanting them for the last 6 years... can you tell I'm excited?! :)

So dang good. So worth shoving my face. Together, we ate 35 tacos!!

On the pasero in Puerto Vallarta. We really did love the bumpy ride to the remote location. Thanks Ryan and Becky. :) Should have taken a picture of the pie we bought off the beach. :)

Night on the boardwalk in Puerto.

Becky and I at the start of our walk around the city.

So exciting to be off the boat!!

Let's go play!!

Last sunset. It was actually cold and windy, but we had to capture it!

Love the horizon and sunset...

Soaking up our last rays.

The end. :)