Saturday, December 20, 2008

~'Tis the Season~

Can I tell you how much I love this season?! I love the smell of our Christmas tree filling the house... I love the warmth of a fire, the cold air hitting your nose when you walk outside, the perfect beautiful snow on the ground, the fabulous hot cocoa, the Christmas music wherever you go, acting out the Nativity scene... I love that people are generally in better moods and nicer during this holiday, I love the excuse to give gifts to people and get together with family and friends... I love service!! There's just so much to love!

Here's a plug for my brother, Eric. He's found a studio gym to train at, and I went the other day to test it out and it was fabulous! It's clean, new, modern and very user friendly. Any age, any fitness level. They are having a special on January 1st and 2nd. Free fitness sessions all day! You just call: 938-0353 to reserve your time slot and then go in (it's right by Rocky Mountain Fitness in Eagle) and they'll take you through a great workout. This isn't like Gold's free training session where all they do is walk around and tell you what each machine does... very different... I guarantee you'll sweat during this workout, and you'll only be there an hour. Here's their website: Check it out and try it out at the beginning of the year. What's the worst that could happen? You end up going and getting a great workout after pigging out all holiday season! :)

I wish I could say that I had more things going on, but it's just my every day life! I'm going to post a few pictures of a few more things that I love... Happy Holidays!

He's such a funny kid. He was SO excited about the snow.

Not only my children, but Lincoln is also a Curious George addict.

She definitely loves her dad... who wouldn't?

I love this picture. He's just handsome!

This is our new bath routine. Marley LOVES having Cash in their with her...

She makes the best faces!!

He loved looking for a Christmas tree...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Glorious Thanksgiving

So many things to be grateful for this season... obviously the big ones: family, a home, transportation, jobs, health etc... but right now I'm mostly grateful for the priesthood. Marley has been VERY sick this last week with a fever of up to 105* and vomiting all her food up. She didn't do anything but lay there and was basically starving because she couldn't keep anything down. We managed to keep pedialyte in her, which kept her from being totally dehydrated, but it was very scary. Thanksgiving night Ryan and our friend Ryan gave Marley a blessing... she wasn't immediately healed, but she started to get better and it seemed easier to know what to do with her. She is now just fine and back to being a firecracker. She has so much personality! We missed that for a week.

Thanksgiving was fabulous! Other than Marley being sick, things couldn't have gone better. We had it here at our house and the food was glorious and we had way too much of it, and it didn't seem chaotic (considering how big our family is... We had 17 adults and 19 kids running/crawling around.) which is a miracle. My dad brought his horse, Thunderjet, and we rode him around the park. Some neighbor kids came by for a ride even. Becky and Ryan were visiting -- it was so fun to have them here. Cash and Ollie are definitely buddies for life. And they were here for my birthday which made it even more fun. Ryan seriously spoiled me!!!

All I can say is that there are so many things to be grateful for, and I LOVE THIS SEASON!! :)

The dessert table.
(Deborah, Damien and dad!)

MMM.... Good Food.

Stahle, Sara, Rachel and Emma running w/ the Jet. I love this picture.

The little kids table (THANKS, RYAN) was a hit!

Grandpa, Jaxon and Sebastian.

He was just a little bit nervous.

This was Cash's face when he saw the horseeeee... :)

Just a few people watching horse rides.
(Bart, David, Adria and Ryan)

She's due Christmas Day! She looks beautiful...

Best Buds for life.

Emily and Kate.

Guitar Hero World Tour. What a fabulous birthday gift!

Eva Voncille... Cute as ever!

Ryan and Ollie checking out their next adventure.

Thunderjet. He's beautiful!

That looks like one happy dad.

That's one tired mom with a sick little girl...

He loves playing with Marley.

Cash LOVES his colors.

My husband is so freaking talented it makes me sick. We'll get some better ones of this amazing waterfall he built.

That's the grin we love. Look at those teeth!