Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Times...

Can I tell you how wonderful my little family is? We are getting Marley to sleep through the night and took the binky away. Since we've done that she's actually gotten on a schedule! YEAH! She gets cuter and happier every day... it's fabulous! And Cash loves her so much he could (and does) smother her. In fact, every time he sees her he says "Hold you?!" and sits down so he can hold Marley. I stuck a picture of it in here for you.

Ryan is busier than ever and I love having him come home at the end of the day excited to see his little family. We were able to bring him lunch the other day and Cash was ecstatic to get a ride on the tractor... he even got to maneuver it all on his own! He's so stinkin' smart. Just for the Ryan lovers out there -- you know he taught Cash this one... This morning Cash said "Drop Deuce" when he pooped. I love it!

We went out to Linder farms to pick pumpkins and had so much fun. "Pumpkin" is the cutest thing out of Cash's mouth right now... "Punkin" is how he says it. Cash was very uncomfortable on the pony he got to ride, but after a few times around he got used to it... the petting zoo was a new addition this year and I think I loved it more than Cash! They had a camel and a zebra (and of course I didn't take pictures of them) and then the regular farm animals. I really want some land to have a horse, cow, goat and big dogs. :) Wouldn't that be great?! We also took a hay ride around the farm and both our children were loving it... I think I might have been the happiest though, watching Ryan, Cash and Marley loving life and being outside... truly blessed.

I will have a little goat someday.

Do you see the concentration? He knew he was lifting and dropping the bucket.

This picture is to die for! Look at that flirt!

Don't you just love the spit rag hanging?

Look at that smile!!

Cash & cousin Ezra... Reb came to visit us for a few days. We loved it!

Very concerned.

I love it.

Who's happier? Good luck deciding.

Drinks the milk all by himself.

What a good big brother.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm not quite sure what keeps me so occupied, because I really don't get anything done, but I haven't written on here for quite some time. I need to sit and just enjoy the beautiful children Heavenly Father has blessed us with more often. Marley is already three and a half months old and changes every day. She is so sweet and such a good little baby that it's hard to imagine she was such a terror for awhile. She talks all the time -- I'll get it on video soon. Cash is so stinkin' smart and impresses me every day with how much he knows. You tell him a word once and he'll remember it. Today's word was: Pumpkin. It's pretty cute. I have a few pictures of my little bundles of joy. We tried to get some good pictures but Marley was tired and Cash was hungry. I wish I had something more interesting to write, but I don't really get out much. I do love the crisp fall air and how it almost smells like camping when you go outside and just barely makes your nose nice and cold... mmmm. I look forward to spending time with my family this winter and hopefully snowboarding!!

Sweet Cheeks

Pretty bright out.

Those dimples are to die for!

Precious -- need I say more?

The reality of trying to actually get a good picture. It was a valient effort.