Sunday, February 20, 2011

Familia Time

We recently (2 weeks ago) got back from a great trip to southern California. I got to see and spend time with some of my favorite people ever, and they got to meet our new addition! Two quick plane flights, and we in our rented minivan (that was something new for us, for sure) and headed to our condo by the beach in Dana Point. It was glorious!!!

We got to play at Knott's Berry Farm, and see the animals at Sea World. Might I add, I LOVE Sea World. I think it's amazing. I now want a trained Sea Otter at my disposal. :) Cash and Marley loved KBF and all the rides. Cash felt so big since he was able to go on some of the rides by himself. Marley wasn't too sure about being thrown around. She did great watching most of the time. She ventured onto a few rides though. I got to go on some pretty intense rides too, since there was NOBODY there, and we walked into every ride without waiting. I love fast rides that make me scream. It makes me feel like a kid again.

The rest of the time we got to play at the beach and explore southern CA. We do love it down there, I finally got used to the idea of everyone living on top of each other... only beause a beautiful beach was steps away that we could escape to and I could run on. Looking out into the ocean is so peaceful. Halle slept better than ever (and she's a fabulous sleeper) on the beach listening to the waves. Did I mention that Marley learned how to sleep on a big bed and how to go potty on a big bed while we were there?! Awesome.

An amazing trip with amazing people... Thanks Ryan, for making it happen!!

(Thanks Becky for taking all our family pictures!!)