Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Anyone that knows Ryan know that he's the best when it comes to gift giving... As hard as I try, I'll never be able to give gifts with the thought and perfection that he does. I honestly wasn't expecting anything for Mother's Day, except a lot of help, but I was wrong!

On Saturday Ryan totally surprised me with a new bike and trailer!!

I've had my same bike since I was 12 when my parents gave it to me for Christmas. It's a great bike and means a lot to me...I'd even ride it to work when Ryan and I lived off the green belt. But, truth be told it's 14 years old!! It's all luxury now... I'm so excited because now I can ride my bike to WinCo with the kids. I already have once with Marley and we've gone on rides almost every day since he got it for me. It's fabulous.

Not only that, he took me out Saturday night, slept on the "monitor" side of the bed to get up with the kids Sunday morning, made me one of the best omelets I've ever had (it even rivals Ted's Bakery in HI), made me dinner, took us all (including dogs) to the park even though he was exhausted, gave me the best card with a recording of Cash saying "Happy Mother's Day, mom... I love you!" and even made me a little sundae when I came downstairs from putting the kids to bed.

I'm one lucky woman!! I have two wonderful kids who make me laugh and smile 100 times a day and a husband that does the same.

Our 5th anniversary is coming up in a week, and I must say, it's FLOWN by. I know everyone says that the first five years is the hardest, but if that's the truth, then we've been VERY lucky and VERY blessed because "hard" is not a word I would use to describe it. It's amazing how much life can change in 5 years!! :)