Monday, March 9, 2009

**Dos Anos**

February 27th came, and it was Cash's birthday! Despite a tragic morning, we managed to pull off a pretty good birthday bash for our little boy. Thank you everyone for your help! Cash thouroughly enjoyed his day, and loved having his friends over to play. He had two little car cakes to eat and did so with his hands. I love it! We sure love our little boy. He'll say "tengo dos anos" if you ask him how old he is, and he'll attempt to hold up just two fingers. He's so stinkin' smart and growing right before our eyes...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Cash and I recently went on a trip to Arizona to visit some of my friends from college! Fabulous is the best word to describe the experience.... Cash was SO excited to see his buddy Oliver and to fly on an airplane. I swear that kid can spot an airplane that is so high in the air I can't see it... let alone would have noticed it flying above me. He did miss Ryan though. My wonderful husband stayed at home and watched Marley... she can be a handful too! :) Thanks Ryan, you're the best!! We had such a good time going on walks, visiting the Zoo, shopping, swimming, and watching movies. Krisitin even had her cousin and another girl come over to babysit for us so we could all go out to dinner and a movie! Good times... good memories. Thanks for making it work eveyone, and thanks again to Ryan for helping so much. Love you all!!