Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is it really almost February?

My last post I was waiting for Cash's swim lessons, and yesterday was his last swim lesson. He's so stinkin' cute. The first lesson he was very scared and basically cried the whole time. It's a parent/child class, so I'm in the water with him all the time, but it was a disaster. After the first lesson though, he was hooked. He would ask to go "swimming with Summer" (the teacher) and would now cry if we went to the YMCA and didn't go swimming. It was definitely a lot of fun to take him. Thanks to Ryan watching Marley every time too!

I can't believe he turns two in less than one month. Marley turns 7 months old tomorrow... I was being dumb, and kind of worried that she wasn't crawling, sitting, or rolling hardly at all. Like I said, I was being dumb. Not as soon as I thought it, she started to pull herself around with her arms (she'll grip the carpet and pull herself forward), roll around, and sit like a champion. She just wasn't interested in it until that day and then decided that's what she wanted to do. I wish I took more pictures. The only picture I have of Cash at swim lessons is in the shower after... He spent as much time there as in the water. He's a smart boy, that's for sure.

I had to go to a funeral of a friend that I've known since Kindergarten this last week.. I hated it, and it was much harder than I thought it would be... it really made me appreciate my family, friends, church and large support group that I have surrounding me. I know that I'll never be alone if I'm hurting. So, thank you to all of you!

Monday, January 5, 2009


HAPPY 2009!! I'm ready for a new year, with better organization and more energy! :)

I can't believe how fast the last two months has gone by. Cash is 22 months old and Marley is already 6 months! Christmas was so much fun this year because Cash actually opened presents. We got him an 8' trampoline to play on and he absolutely loves it! We put it upstairs in the bonus room since it's so cold outside. It was a VERY white Christmas, which is the absolute best! I love the snow so much! It's just so peaceful and fresh.

Marley talks all the time and flirts with anyone that will look at her. She's such a great baby, and so beautiful! Cash is speaking full sentences all the time now, and is starting to potty train a little bit! He'll tell us when he wants to go to the toilet. We'll see if it actually turns into us not having to change 2 dirty diapers all the time. :) My favorite thing that he says right now is: Marley Jane, sister! He will run up to her room and get up on the bed and lay down next to her and suck his fingers and play with HER hair. It's really cute, except for the fact that Marley is taking naps when he does it. And yes, she's still in a bed, barricaded by pillows because Cash is still in the crib. I'm just not ready to switch him yet! I find my sleep to vital.

Cash starts swim lessons at the YMCA today, and I'm very excited to take him. Hopefully he doesn't throw a fit and he likes it. We'll see. Enjoy the show!