Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!

I love the 4th of July. I love the smell of all the grilling, the fireworks, and the warm weather. Ryan actually took the day off and we got to just hang out as a family!! Well, Marley and I did go and get pedicures... so fun. :) We actually went out to dinner (don't hate) and then went downtown to the fireworks. My dad was nice enough to let us put Halle down and watch her at his house while we took Cash and Marley. Cash rode behind Ryan on his "hitchhiker" bike, and I pulled MJ in the Burley trailer. It was seriously awesome. Marley and Cash danced in the grass to the music until the show started, and then they were glued to the fire. It couldn't have been better. I love our country, despite all its problems, and I love my freedom. I'm so grateful for all those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice to preserve that.

Marley Turned 3!!!

We celebrated Marley's birthday a few days early so we could have a combined party with her cousin, Kate. It was perfect weather, great food, and lots of fun. My dad called around to some of his Hispanic friends and found the best place to get a pinata in town, and picked one up for us. It was all decked out with pink and girly and Tinkerbell! I must say, I was impressed. Marley basically didn't know what to do with herself she was so excited. Her and some of the other cousins had a dance party on the patio to some reggae music, which was totally entertaining. Her gift this year was a very elaborate kitchen set. She has been playing house, and being "mom" well before we decided to get it for her... now it's what she does almost all day! It's pretty cute. Here's just a couple reasons we love our Marley:
1- She's absolutely hilarious. Really, she's funny.
2- She can pull some of the best faces I've ever seen. Very expressive.
3- She is strong willed. When she makes up her mind, that's it.
4- She's a great little sister, and big sister.
5- She's totally girly, but VERY VERY tough. She can take a hit, and give one.
6- Life without her just wouldn't be the same.