Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunny McCall

A couple months back, Ryan and I sat down and made ourselves (well, Ryan made himself) set aside a full week so we could go camping as a family. And guess what, it actually happened! :) We went up to Ponderosa State Park in McCall and stayed in a camper trailer for 4 nights, and then rented one of their little cabins for 2 more nights. It was awesome. We rode bikes into town to eat and play and look at the AMAZING homes along the lake... Cash spotted a deer in our campsite... we rented waverunners and played in the lake every single day. The weather was exceptionally gorgeous, and hot enough that the lake actually felt GOOD. I love the smell and serenity and family time that we were able to have that week. Definitely one of God's masterpieces.
A little Curious George before bedtime. Halle had to be involved.
Halle LOVED this. She'd cry if we went for a ride without her.
A quick bike ride over to the lake. The kids thought it was hilarious to wear the tubes on the way over.
KICK KICK KICK! Marley didn't love this. But the other two did.
Waving "Bye" to daddy and Cash.
Ryan and Cash going for a quick ride.
Little Miss Halle found some animal picture to tell a story about.
Man this girl is hilarious. All sorts of diva in her.
Gotta love those cheeks
Her whole back is tan, and her front is white... always playing in the sand.
These kiddos are seriously silly.
Looking for skipping rocks
ALWAYS looking for her next snack.
We found a park nearby! So fun.
I don't remember what they were calling each other, but they clearly were giggling like crazy.
He got so close! I wanted to pet it.
Ryan opened the fridge to find this little buddy. Who knows how he got in there without being squished.
We tried to become his friend. He jumped away. :(
Handtowel... So cute.
Backyardigans waiting for Halle to fall asleep so they can go to bed.
Their castle. The pine cones in the back are "soldiers". haha
The little rental cabin!
I love that Halle's finger is up her nose!

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