Wednesday, July 25, 2012


At the park with my kids, my brother's kids, and a friend and her kids, Cash had a tumble. I was chasing Halle, then heard him crying, so I went over to him and saw some other mom's around him, and a bloody bloody face. He was so covered in blood that I couldn't quite tell if he had broken his nose, or bashed open his face, or what. So, I looked at his forehead, and pulled it apart and sure enough, a big gash. Luckily my friend (thank you, Kristen Brown) made a last minute decision to go to the park with me, because if she hadn't, I would have been taking 5 kids, 6 and under to the ER. Marley wouldn't leave his side, and Cash, Marley and I hurried and got him checked in. He was tough and brave and did awesome. He got four stitches right down the middle of his forehead. Good thing scars look tough on boys! :)

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